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I found this lovely shop by using the Pounce tool on Etsy to browse through Undiscovered sellers.  Pounce is so addictive, you never know what’s going to show up next. 

Check out Ragamama and all of her new friends. These beautifully handmade creatures are obviously filled with love and cannot wait to make your acquaintance!



Kinzie  Nimbly


While I’m working on my custom orders, I needed to also put some new stuff up on the site. We’ve sold 15 items already this month! The shop was looking a little bare. So, I whipped out these babies. Let us know what you think.

Pretty Pears Baby Quilt

Pretty Pears Blanket

Paris in Pink Baby Quilt

Paris In Pink

Busy, busy, busy loading up the shop with new aprons and scarves! Check them out on our etsy site!

Button, Button...Who's Got the Button Scarf
Who’s Got the Button Scarf

  Pink Panther Tooth Scarf

  The Pink Panther Tooth Scarf
Earn Your Stripes Apron
The Earn Your Stripes Apron
The Sunshine Day Apron
The Sunshine Day Apron
There are several more to admire and obtain for your very own on our Etsy site!

I am offering FREE SHIPPING on this item today.

The Runway

The Runway by ElizaLeigh

As for who I hope wins? I’m not sure. I have liked each one of their pieces throuout the season.
So, whomever! It will be fun to watch!

I want to say thank you to my favorite and most helpful Etsy suppliers.  So, one by one, I am going to feature them here for all the world to see.

First off, there is Tiffany of Lucky Kaeru Fabric and Supplies. She has been wonderful. Fast shipping, great communication, reasonable prices and she will do custom orders for me without hesitation. She has truly been part of my business and will be for a long time in the future.

Check out some of her items! She carries a mix from top designers to quirky favorites to imports!

Thanks Tiffany!

Erin McMorris Floral Swirl Purple Fabric - By the Yard  Robert Kaufman Another Iota Cocoa Circles Fabric - By the Yard  Michael Miller Merryville Tot Town Fabric- By the Yard  Cute Animal Patchwork Japanese Fabric Half Yard

Custom orders are pouring in and the Kiddo is going to spend a few days with the Grandparents, so this evening after work, I’m going to pick up enough Diet Coke to launch me through the weekend, throw on the comfy pants and set the sewing machine on fire. Not literally on fire. On fire with my hawt sewing skillz.

This past weekend, I took a small break in between orders to whip out this awesome Halloween Stocking. I love Halloween, I love this time of year, which you already know about me from my previous posts. So I made this. You can stuff candy and other treats in it and give it to someone special. I’m going to give one to my poor kiddo who is now offically too old to dress up like a psychopath and beg strangers for candy.

You can order one for yourself HERE.

I’ve started sewing for Christmas. I found this fabulous fun Alexander Henry Christmas print. These girls are reminiscent of 40’s pin ups. They are dressed in skater outfits and wrapping presents. For you, maybe?  The back is this minky fabric that I found. It is crazy soft. I can’t believe how difficult it was to sew.  It kept slipping. I’ve got to read up on how to sew different types of fabrics. Or, if anyone out there has tips, please comment!

You can find this pillow for sale in my Etsy shop!


I’m a simple girl. Simple things make me happy. Diet Coke. A new novel by Kim Harrison. Peeling plastic film off of appliances. And boingers, bells and bouncy things. A couple of years ago, I bought a Christmas decoration at target that was a brown metal cone shaped spring with star on top; a Christmas Tree. You push down on the star and let go and it bounces happily. Makes me smile every time. Then, the next year, I was in Brown County, Indiana and found another metal tree with jingle bells and a boinger. This one, most colorful. 

And now, to add to my boinger delight, I have found Buttuglee’s shop on Take a look…

It wasn’t the Tree with Boinger that first caught my eye, though. It was this guy.

And after meeting Chandler, I promptly fell in love with this sweetie.


Take a moment and stop by Jennifer’s shop at You will surely be as charmed as I am. Her creations are overflowing with Seuss-like nonsensical fun and I fully expect them to pop into life at any second and spout rhymes.

And she has cats. Which makes her truly gold in my eyes!

I’ve sewn a bunch of new pillows. Here are some photos.

More are coming soon, including some Christmas pilows featuring some fab Alexander Henry pinup girls in ice skater outfits.

Things are going so well for us. I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to post much, but here are some of our latest highlights.

One of my pillows featuing a super cute mod fabric has caught the attention of some fabulous blogs. Check us out!

Friday Findings: Cushions & Pillows
By Star of the East(Star of the East)
Star of the East –


It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World.
By sfgirlbybay(sfgirlbybay)
sfgirlbybay –

Thank you so much to these bloggers! I sold the featured pillow almost immediately and have had several requests for more since. I’ve been sewing my butt off since!

Then, this morning, I receive a notification that we are featured in a Treasuy pick on Etsy! Yay! I love being in treasuries! Check it out!

I have to run for the moment but more to come, including why we are both covered in mosquito bites…

Check out our shop on!

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