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Introducing the newest creation to hit ElizaLeigh — the ear warmer. Again, I used a variety of crochet stitches to get a unique pattern you won’t find anywhere else. Each warmer is accessorized with a crocheted double layered flower. The perfect punch of color and life, especially during the winter! Well enough introductions, let’s take a look:

The Blue and Brown Earwarmer Salmon and Twig EarwarmerSmoky Grey and Plum Ear Warmermeinmyheadband

As you can see, I kept a few for myself! These are super warm and don’t flatten your hair!

We have three on the site right now, with custom orders coming in! That means if you want one  in Olive Green with  a Sea Blue flower…you can request one! Want black with a plum flower? Just send us a message. We are always working to make items our customers (and ourselves) can enjoy.  So don’t be afraid to tell us what you’d like to see! We always look forward to hearing from our friends.

So go check the new items out on the site. You won’t be sorry!



I finished this scarf last night and just love it. Let me know what you think!
It’s foundation pieced on a piece of warm, high-quality flannel and quilted with a brown suit-like fabric.

Want it for your very own? You can purchase it in our Etsy shop!

Bohemian Wrapsody Patchwork Scarf

I know that you all have been waiting on pins and needles…so no more suspense. The Droopet Beret’s have been loaded and are ready to go at There are so many colors already…and can be made out of pretty much any color you want.

I love mine and I wear them all the time. You won’t believe how warm they are until you place it on your head. Seriously a can’t miss item for the winter!

I love the pattern I finally came up with and am very happy with the end result. I am sure you will all be as well. Here are a few we have now:

The Denim Blue Droopet BeretThe Moss Green Droopet BeretThe Chocolate Brown Droopet Beret

They may go quick because we have had a lot of questions about pre-orders. But it’s first come first serve (unless you custom order, of course). So, get them while they’re hot. More colors will be on their way soon!

Here’s one happy beret owner now:

Happy Beret

Thanks for checking us out!


I made a hat. Actually, I’ve made five!!! That’s how long it took me to formulate a pattern that I liked and that would fit everyone’s head comfortably. And, I love it. I bet…you might love it too. It is so comfortable and will keep your head and ears warm throughout the chilly season. Wear it down on the forehead for a headband look. Pull your bangs down and slide your beret back for a more sassy look. Or stuff your hear up out of the way when you’re just having a bad hair day!

I call it the Droopet Beret — pronounced Droopay Baray. And, here is what it looks like:

Coming Soon to

Coming Soon to

I bet you can't wait to get one!

I bet you can

There will be a ton of colors available — both in Eco-friendly yarn and regular yarn. I bet you will be as proud to wear yours as I was to make it.

Check in with us soon.


Free Shipping on this pillow today, Oct. 29!
This cutie is made from what has been one of my most popular fabric choices! It’s an Alexander Henry print and I just love it.

It's a Large Mod Pillow

But maybe not the type you would expect.
We got Goth Demon Bunnies…
Gothic Demon and Bunny Friend Plush By Tragic Stitches

Gothic Demon & Bunny Friend by TragicStichesCute Stripy Bunnies...Blob the Bunny by Crafty Hedgehog

Oh so scaaaarrryy bunnies…bwahaaahaaahhaaa…

Frankenbunny by StarMonkey

Sweet bunnies…
Baby Hare Sally      Soft Sculpture

Bunny Sally by Dragon House of Yuen

And….”bunnies what swear!”
Upset Blue Oh Sh.t Bunny
Upset Blue Oh S*** Bunny by Spidercamp
All adorable and all in need of a good home. Please click on the bunnies above and learn how one person can give a bunny a good home. Thanks. You matter.

Is there any stuffed friend more loveable than a sock monkey? Maybe a sock monster? Check out these special critters that you may just have to invite into your home.

Top Row Left to Right –
Cliff – ScaryCarrieCreates
Pink and White Sock Zombie – Underroos
Pretty Gift Sock Monkey – Bluesaphire
Friendz – MonkeyvsMonster

Middle – Red Heel Sock Monkey – CoffeeandaNuffin

Bottom Row Left to Right –
Purple and Pink Sock Monkey – ElegantHobbies 
Don’t Stare at Me Baby Sock Monkey – BlueSaphire
Cookie the Sock Monkey – Lollipopmoon
Hedley – Belua

I’m a simple girl. Simple things make me happy. Diet Coke. A new novel by Kim Harrison. Peeling plastic film off of appliances. And boingers, bells and bouncy things. A couple of years ago, I bought a Christmas decoration at target that was a brown metal cone shaped spring with star on top; a Christmas Tree. You push down on the star and let go and it bounces happily. Makes me smile every time. Then, the next year, I was in Brown County, Indiana and found another metal tree with jingle bells and a boinger. This one, most colorful. 

And now, to add to my boinger delight, I have found Buttuglee’s shop on Take a look…

It wasn’t the Tree with Boinger that first caught my eye, though. It was this guy.

And after meeting Chandler, I promptly fell in love with this sweetie.


Take a moment and stop by Jennifer’s shop at You will surely be as charmed as I am. Her creations are overflowing with Seuss-like nonsensical fun and I fully expect them to pop into life at any second and spout rhymes.

And she has cats. Which makes her truly gold in my eyes!

I’ve sewn a bunch of new pillows. Here are some photos.

More are coming soon, including some Christmas pilows featuring some fab Alexander Henry pinup girls in ice skater outfits.

I thought I would do a fave item of the day, but that might be a bit much for my schedule, so we’ll call it my Random Favorite Thing Right Now! And the first one is from Deb’s Design!






Take a look at that card and try to not go Awwwwww! Isn’t it too sweet? Send these to those you are grateful to and you are guaranteed to get gushes of thanks in return. The sweet simplicity of the design along with the calm cool blue grabbed my attention the second I saw this card. You might want to hurry, too. This piece was a feature on the Etsy home page not too long ago.

Deb’s items should be considered staples in any classy girl’s stationary box.

Follow the link above to her shop for more details. Go! Now!

That was fun.

Check out our shop on!

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