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Wow. It may not seem like much, but I’m kind of proud of myself. It will be two weeks tomorrow and except wondering if someone snuck some shredded crab into my pasta sauce at a restaurant on Friday night, I have eaten nothing that has a face for two weeks!

Cravings are present, but minimal. And I am finding that since I am eating extremely healthily, I do not feel guilty at all if I have a treat every few days. Not a huge one, but something that feels treat-ish.

I am also down 7 pounds as of this morning! Whoo!

So, on we go. I need more recipes and would love cookbook suggestions if you got ’em!


Today is going well. I’m not craving meat yet, which is good. I had oatmeal for breakfast, a couple of bananas and a vegetarian burrito for lunch. As I was eating it, I read the ingredients and saw that it contained casein (a milk protein). Crap.  Oh well, all I can do is read labels more carefully. Other than that it was good. The cheese was soy cheese and with the beans and rice it was pretty tasty.

And I’m only allowing myself Diet Coke during work hours. Water only at home. I’m trying to figure out why I’m not sleeping well, so I’m cutting the caffiene earlier than usual. Downside? I’m going to the bathroom every 20 minutes. I’ll probably drop 5 pounds in water very quickly.

I need to get a good vegetarian cookbook. I have no idea what I’m going to have for dinner.

Being a little heavier than I would like to be, and being the avid reader that I am, I am always on the look out for a good motivational diet book. So, I’m hanging out a Borders while Kiddo is at football practice and happen across a copy of Skinny Bitch. I have to tell you, I wasn’t a huge fan. I love chick lit and humor. But I think that they could have achieved all the wonderful snark without so many foul words. And I’m not a prude. I’ve been known to drop an f-bomb here and there. But it was a bit much and started to seem gimmicky.

However, something made me plow on. They have some good points. Use common sense. You know what is good for you and what is awful. Don’t smoke. Curb the drinking. Sugar is the Devil. All of that. What I didn’t expect and what has affected me deeply were their chapters on the horrors of the meat, poultry and fish industry. I won’t go into specifics here, because you might be eating whilst reading, but I was horrified and sickened by what I read. And they had reliable sources for everything they quoted. They didn’t seem like puffy headed celebs who don’t know what they are talking about at all. Or hard core PETA people. All the PETA people I have personally met can get quite mean. (I know that there are nice ones out there, but I live in KFC central. We attract the mean ones)

It has taken me all day to tamp down the nausea. And I don’t think that I’ll ever eat meat again. Or eggs. Or cheese. But I’m taking it one day at a time. I have a horrible sugar addiction that I’m trying to break, too. This could get ugly.

So, I’m going to blog about my quest. Every headache, mood swing, withdrawal symptom that I experience. Maybe I’ll lose a little weight. Maybe I’ll avoid the colon cancer that is rampant in my family.

Off we go!
I want to go hug a cow.

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