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I love this print.  This artist, Chet Phillips, captures my imagination with his colorful, whimsical and maybe slightly eerie  illustrations.  I would write more, but I have to head back over to his shop and buy somethin’!

Go check him out!


We have been getting some questions lately about custom orders. So, in order to be even more of assistance, we wanted to help you guys shop around! So, if you don’t see what you’re looking for…ask and you very well may shall receive.

If you have seen something on our shop that you are interested in — but you don’t see it anymore — simply click on our sales tab on the right hand side. Here’s a visual:

Just click on Sales for the Sold Gallery

Just click on Sales for the Sold Gallery

See “Other Items.” See where it says “29 items for sale” just click on the “# sales” line below to see a gallery of items that we’ve had (and sold) on our sites.

Take a look around. See something you like? Wish you could get it in a different color? Wish you could have snatched it up sooner? Quit wishing and just let us know. Send us an email at any time with questions or requests. We will get back to you as quickly as possible and work with you to get what you’re looking for.

See you all soon!!


I found this lovely shop by using the Pounce tool on Etsy to browse through Undiscovered sellers.  Pounce is so addictive, you never know what’s going to show up next. 

Check out Ragamama and all of her new friends. These beautifully handmade creatures are obviously filled with love and cannot wait to make your acquaintance!



Kinzie  Nimbly

Green Curve Teapot

I’m extremely excited to say that today’s favorite is a fellow Louisvillian! This piece is by Jeff Campana of Campana Ceramics. I saw this teapot and instantly thought “Want it”. I then looked through the rest of Jeff’s shop and thought….”Want it, want it, want it.” I look forward to watching this shop grow and hopefully adding a piece to my own teapot collection in the future.

 To explain his process, I’m going to copy Jeff’s own words from his Etsy shop:

“Each item here has been individually thrown (in at least 2 parts), trimmed, and then cut apart and reassembled in order to give them my distinctive linear patterns, visible inside and out. “

The result is a new, original twist on an age-old art.

I find the lines interesting, soothing and extremely pleasing to look at. I didn’t get to take Ceramics in school until my Senior year. I am truly sorry that I waited so long. If I only had it to do over again! Oh wait! I can!

Medium Blue Stripe Pitcher 40 Oz.  Green Gravy Boat  Amber Curve Mug

I know that we promised we were stocking up the site over the holidays. However, you may not see the new items yet. Rest assured there are a ton of new things getting ready to hit the store in the next couple of days. Aprons, scarves, hats, blankets — all that stuff that we do so well (hopefully).

So stay tuned. It should be a very colorful week!


I made a hat. Actually, I’ve made five!!! That’s how long it took me to formulate a pattern that I liked and that would fit everyone’s head comfortably. And, I love it. I bet…you might love it too. It is so comfortable and will keep your head and ears warm throughout the chilly season. Wear it down on the forehead for a headband look. Pull your bangs down and slide your beret back for a more sassy look. Or stuff your hear up out of the way when you’re just having a bad hair day!

I call it the Droopet Beret — pronounced Droopay Baray. And, here is what it looks like:

Coming Soon to

Coming Soon to

I bet you can't wait to get one!

I bet you can

There will be a ton of colors available — both in Eco-friendly yarn and regular yarn. I bet you will be as proud to wear yours as I was to make it.

Check in with us soon.


You will notice that there are a plethora of new scarves on the ElizaLeigh site. But, what you may not know is that some of those scarves are made from recycled materials. And, when you purchase one…you are actually doing something good for the environment!

Of course, I can’t take full credit. Caron Yarns — my absolute favorite for their weight and softness — has just introduced a new like of Eco Yarns. Here is the description from Caron’s site:

Save the planet one stitch at a time!
Every 10 skeins of Simply Soft Eco saves 6 plastic bottles from U.S. landfills. Simply Soft Eco is a yarn from Caron International that blends 80% of normal Simply Soft fiber with 20% of a specially processed fiber produced from recycled plastic bottles.

Simply Soft Eco is soft to the touch, easy to work with and environmentally friendly. It can be used in any pattern that uses worsted-weight yarn. Just like your favorite Simply Soft, Simply Soft Eco is soft and lusterous and creates wonderful knit and crochet projects. An added designer feature of Simply Soft Eco is that a number of colors have flecks randomly dispersed throughout the yarn. These flecks give these colors a unique designer appearance that is usually found only in higher priced yarns.

So make all the throws and sweaters and baby blankets you want and save the planet at the same time!

So, for every scarf created and sold, we are saving one plastic bottle from being thrown into a landfill. How cool is that? Look great and save the planet! Could we really ask for more?

There are two scarves right now that are posted AND made from Caron:

Koala Tooth Scarf

Koala Tooth Scarf

Cranberry Poppy Scarf

Cranberry Poppy Scarf

 “From ghoulies and ghosties
  and long leggety beasties
  and things that go bump in the night,
  May the Good Lord, deliver us!”

It’s almost Autumn. The beginning of my favorite time of year is peeking at me from around the corner. Yeah, it may be 96 degrees here today, but Sunday it will be 84. Then later, 82…then cooler and cooler it will get until the sweatshirts get unpacked and stripy kneesocks unfurl. Leaves will turn, the trees will fall gently asleep. I can almost feel the crisp breeze. Hear the leaves falling. Crunching. Smell the woodsmoke.

And while many Etsians are already peddling their Christmas wares, myself included, my other favorite holiday is creeping up also. Halloween!!! (Samhain for some of my friends)  I love being outside on an Autumn night, with a big harvest moon overhead.

This all reminds me of sitting around listening to spooky stories told by my uncle. He loves the spooky, the creepy and the bizarre. That must be where I get it. He taught me the poem at the beginning of this post. He would read to us the stories of the Brothers’ Grimm and International Folk Tales from Collier’s. They were not nice with pretty endings like bedtime stories today. There was no Elmo. There was a witch in a gingerbread house who would cook children. There was no Barbie. There were the Hobyas that came out of the woods and ate the Woodcutter and his Wife after Little Dog Toby tried his best to warn them. They were creepy and frightening and just plain awful. How I love them all!

So, in honor of the creepy and eerie and a good old haunting, I present some of my Halloween Etsy faves…
Enjoy or I’ll TP your monitor.

From the eye of JacqleenBleu we have a scene that is surely haunted..

This drawing makes me wonder if KellieDrawsPictures has a big nightlight…

Look out! A witch lives here! But a very cool LilWitchy, she is…

And you won’t want to be caught here after dark…(by Crafterella)

Is there any stuffed friend more loveable than a sock monkey? Maybe a sock monster? Check out these special critters that you may just have to invite into your home.

Top Row Left to Right –
Cliff – ScaryCarrieCreates
Pink and White Sock Zombie – Underroos
Pretty Gift Sock Monkey – Bluesaphire
Friendz – MonkeyvsMonster

Middle – Red Heel Sock Monkey – CoffeeandaNuffin

Bottom Row Left to Right –
Purple and Pink Sock Monkey – ElegantHobbies 
Don’t Stare at Me Baby Sock Monkey – BlueSaphire
Cookie the Sock Monkey – Lollipopmoon
Hedley – Belua

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