We have been getting some questions lately about custom orders. So, in order to be even more of assistance, we wanted to help you guys shop around! So, if you don’t see what you’re looking for…ask and you very well may shall receive.

If you have seen something on our shop that you are interested in — but you don’t see it anymore — simply click on our sales tab on the right hand side. Here’s a visual:

Just click on Sales for the Sold Gallery

Just click on Sales for the Sold Gallery

See “Other Items.” See where it says “29 items for sale” just click on the “# sales” line below to see a gallery of items that we’ve had (and sold) on our sites.

Take a look around. See something you like? Wish you could get it in a different color? Wish you could have snatched it up sooner? Quit wishing and just let us know. Send us an email at any time with questions or requests. We will get back to you as quickly as possible and work with you to get what you’re looking for.

See you all soon!!