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Yay! My Dressmaker pillow is being featured in an awesome chocolate brown and blue treasury! My special thanks goes out to MissKnits for including us!


Is there any stuffed friend more loveable than a sock monkey? Maybe a sock monster? Check out these special critters that you may just have to invite into your home.

Top Row Left to Right –
Cliff – ScaryCarrieCreates
Pink and White Sock Zombie – Underroos
Pretty Gift Sock Monkey – Bluesaphire
Friendz – MonkeyvsMonster

Middle – Red Heel Sock Monkey – CoffeeandaNuffin

Bottom Row Left to Right –
Purple and Pink Sock Monkey – ElegantHobbies 
Don’t Stare at Me Baby Sock Monkey – BlueSaphire
Cookie the Sock Monkey – Lollipopmoon
Hedley – Belua

We have been featured in an Etsy treasury!

I’m trying to screen capture the page, but it’s not working.  I’ll try again shortly!

with Floyd.

I found this guy by using the Pounce tool on Etsy. Have you tried that? Addicting!

I came across Floyd and I can’t even put it into heart kathlumped. I felt it. Right here! :points at chest: I have to have this guy in my home.  So, I clicked on the artist’s shop and was smacked silly at the wonderful talent that is Kathryn Hansen.  Her graphite renderings are obviously overflowing with love for these creatures.

Animal lovers – Go look. Right now! Go see Puff Daddy and Lucy and Ethel and Jack and Shadow and Corey! You will be speaking in your imaginary animal voices within 30 seconds, guaranteed. (Who’s a good boy..whoooo’s a good boy! You are…yes you are..) 

She’s wonderful. I can’t wait to see more.

I’ve started sewing for Christmas. I found this fabulous fun Alexander Henry Christmas print. These girls are reminiscent of 40’s pin ups. They are dressed in skater outfits and wrapping presents. For you, maybe?  The back is this minky fabric that I found. It is crazy soft. I can’t believe how difficult it was to sew.  It kept slipping. I’ve got to read up on how to sew different types of fabrics. Or, if anyone out there has tips, please comment!

You can find this pillow for sale in my Etsy shop!


So let me tell you about my cats.

I grew up in a non-cat friendly household. My mother insisted that we were all allergic to anything with fur. We tried (and I have no idea what prompted this lapse in allergen vigilance) for a brief spell to own a kitten named Saul. Saul was a teeny Siamese that used to hide behind things and leap out at you, catching you painfully about knee-height and merrily going for a ride as you yelped through the house. I did not care for Saul. He did not last long.

Now, as an adult, I realize of course that he was just being playful and loved being around us kids. I’m sorry that I wished him to the devil and would now just suggest clipping the claws. But back to the story.

When my Kiddo was oh, about 7, I felt one of my many guilty-single-parent pangs and decided that we needed a pet. I knew that a dog would be too much of a responsibility for us at the time and chose to go instead for the self-sufficiency of a cat…Enter – Bob. I love Bob. We got him when he was 10 weeks old. He was a rescue; scrawny and covered, COVERED, in fleas. He had been tied to a barn. (There is a special section of Hell for people who abuse animals.) After a quick trip to the vet and a night in the half-bath he entered our home and hearts. I insisted that any pet of ours would have a decent “people” name. They have their very own personalities you know and are more lovable and fun than many of the two-legged creatures I know.

Bob is black with a triangle of white fur on the top of his chest and a teeny spot of white on his, uhm, nethers. He is the kind of cat that will look at you and tell you to go suck lemons. The house is his domain to laze about as he sees fit. He’s the cat that the other cats pay “protection” money so they don’t have their kneecaps busted. In this domain, he remains fat and happy. He’s now about 6.

About two years later, we decided that Bob was lonely and needed a playmate. A poster went up at work not long after stating that a family had born fruit and sadly, said fruit was deathly allergic to cats. They needed to find a loving home for their kitty and so I made the phone call. This is how Ely came to live with us. I felt very sorry for the owners. The poor Mom was in tears. Gray and brown tabby Ely arrived with a huge wicker basket, the finest in catnip sockies and a Samsonite carrier. You could tell that he was loved. Bob decided instantly that he was a bit of a sissy. That’s mainly true. He needs affection. He whimpers and whines if you don’t pay enough attention to him and is very much the lap kitty…(more to come later, it is time to take Kiddo to football practice. But here’s a picture.)

Title – “Leave me be Mom, I’m lovin’ on my catnip toy”

Catnip toy purchased from Blue Jean Jess at
They LOVE this toy. Go buy one for your own cats!

I’m a simple girl. Simple things make me happy. Diet Coke. A new novel by Kim Harrison. Peeling plastic film off of appliances. And boingers, bells and bouncy things. A couple of years ago, I bought a Christmas decoration at target that was a brown metal cone shaped spring with star on top; a Christmas Tree. You push down on the star and let go and it bounces happily. Makes me smile every time. Then, the next year, I was in Brown County, Indiana and found another metal tree with jingle bells and a boinger. This one, most colorful. 

And now, to add to my boinger delight, I have found Buttuglee’s shop on Take a look…

It wasn’t the Tree with Boinger that first caught my eye, though. It was this guy.

And after meeting Chandler, I promptly fell in love with this sweetie.


Take a moment and stop by Jennifer’s shop at You will surely be as charmed as I am. Her creations are overflowing with Seuss-like nonsensical fun and I fully expect them to pop into life at any second and spout rhymes.

And she has cats. Which makes her truly gold in my eyes!

I’ve sewn a bunch of new pillows. Here are some photos.

More are coming soon, including some Christmas pilows featuring some fab Alexander Henry pinup girls in ice skater outfits.

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