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Anyone that knows me knows that I love a good book. And I always love being in a library or a cozy bookstore. Give me a book and a comfy chair and I am a happy, happy girl. I also love seeing books depicted in art and immediately feel some connection with anyone who loves books as much as I do.

Hushmouse ( has created a world that invites you in and encourages you to stay a while and relax among images and characters that are reminiscent of AA Milne’s beloved Hundred Acre Woods and also stories of adventure that my uncle used to read to us as children. When I look at her pieces I have an overwhelming urge to say, “Tell me the story behind this one! Did Herbert find Peace Among the Pumpkins?” or “Who lives in the Treehouse in that card?”

When I came upon “Herbert Loves A Good Book”, I was charmed in an instant. I want this print and have this shopped faved for the second I can quit pouring all of my extra money into my own shop! One day Herbert will have a lovely spot above one of my many bookcases. He should have one over yours, too.

I truly hope that Hushmouse has a book in the works! It would become a classic.



I thought I would do a fave item of the day, but that might be a bit much for my schedule, so we’ll call it my Random Favorite Thing Right Now! And the first one is from Deb’s Design!






Take a look at that card and try to not go Awwwwww! Isn’t it too sweet? Send these to those you are grateful to and you are guaranteed to get gushes of thanks in return. The sweet simplicity of the design along with the calm cool blue grabbed my attention the second I saw this card. You might want to hurry, too. This piece was a feature on the Etsy home page not too long ago.

Deb’s items should be considered staples in any classy girl’s stationary box.

Follow the link above to her shop for more details. Go! Now!

That was fun.

The Leigh half of ElizaLeigh, is my sister.

She is the more experienced of us in sewing. I have never worked from a pattern. She is trying to convince me that it isn’t scary. Uh huh. And the needle doesn’t hurt. She can take a pattern and make it her own and make it look easy. Right.  So, right now, the aprons are all hers. And she’s doing a fine job of it, too! I am sticking, for now, to blankets and pillows. They’re too cute! Have you seen them? (ink-lay to the eft-lay) A couple of these have already sold on Etsy, and the others we are listing today.

She says that I shouldn’t give her all the credit on the aprons. Sure, ok. I’ll take some. I took the pictures. That’s my yard she’s posing in. That’s my gargantuan holly tree behind her. She’s holding my Cordon Bleu cookbook!

How’s that sis?



So this is my latest baby blanket.

I really love it if I do say so myself. It’s supposed to be remeniscent of lying in the grass looking up at the sky. Remember that? I do. And it always makes me feel good. So I took solid pieces of the grass fabric and overlaid sky printed fabric and cut out the swirl shapes. I’ve got a thing for spirals right now. Anyway, then I put an white and black striped edge around the blanket and backed it with a bright sunshine yellow batik.

Quilting was a challenge. i knew the look I was going for, but I’m just getting started with freeform stitching. I outlined all of the main shapes and then just started stitching lines outward from the shapes with 1/4-1/2 inch gaps between. I think it really gives it a nice effect. No?

Here are the pics.

This all started with a potential trip to France and Spain.

My son’s French class is planning a big trip over there next spring and there’s no way he’s seeing Paris before I do! So, with a $5000 cost ahead of me, I decided that I would try and sell some baby blankets.  I found through a friend and it seemed like the perfect place for my stuff.

I had ordered a large quantity of Girlfriends fabric by Jennifer Paginelli of SisBoom. Love her! ( I wanted to make myself a quilt for my room. Instead, I choked up and decided to make baby quilts out of it.  This is the first one.





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